Air Charter Logistics

Air Charter Logistics

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Air Charter Logistics – AIRCHARTER.ID is air charter company to serve any flight requests. Our Company deliver one stop solution for every Cargo Charter Flight delivery. Not only the transportation but also forwarding process to the storage service. With almost than 25 years experiences we have solid infrastructures and aircrafts to deliver in every flights.

Specialized in Air Charter Logistics

  • Our Service always in affordable price according to your flights, and No Hidden Fees
  • Everyone of you have all the Privilege to choose of any our wide range charter services
  • Our front door will always be ready to handle your every special requirement
  • Not only in the air, our ground handling start from pick up will always in the good shape
  • No matter where, when or what you want to deliver. our various aircraft will be ready 24/7
  • Our Flight Coverage is worldwide, including every city may you never heard of before

We bring air freight solution for every delivery, either door to door or airport to airport, Air Charter Logistics. Since the beginning we are focus on customer first and perfect in delivering the service. With the best infrastructure and experience, our customer will have the privilege to demand according to their requirements, on time delivery and with competitive rate. Our Cargo Charter Plane Service have wide range of aircraft type; start from its class, capacity, length for adjusting any runaway, size and special equipment

Charter Flight Categories and Aircraft Types

  • Every Aircraft for Cargo needs with the highest safety standards requirements and consist of various type to deliver your products for any size and weight
  • We’ve manage to be partner with Airlines around the globe to continue take care your cargo delivery with the best price and highest standard of handling
  • One of our air freight service charter is using private jet or helicopter in order to delivery special packages that need special attention in any other circumstances

Call us Now and let us help on your next project, we are than happy to answer any question and respond as soon as possible.

CALL.WA +62 811-102-747

Mr. Ryan – Customer Relation Manager

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