Passenger Group

& Travel Charter

Large Group of Passenger who need Flight Charter to fly anytime and everywhere including VIP private air charter jet, Tour Travel, HAJJ or Religious activities, commercial airlines and helicopters


Air Charter Cargo Freight and Logistic services with various options, hundreds of destination, quick response, punctual and best ground handling you ever imagined

Charter Airlines


Cargo Airplane

Every Aircraft for Cargo needs with the highest safety standards requirements and consist of various type to deliver your products for any size and weight

Commercial Airlines

Are usually use for passenger flights with larger group, religious activities for examples Hajj trip or Holyland, Tourism and Travel, or any special request to any location

Private Jet Airlines

Private Jet served VVIP Guest for attend certain meeting, Corporate and Executive, Celebrity, CEO, Government or Medical Patient Transport to the nearest health facilities

Medical Flights

Air Charter offers you Helicopter flight with special specifications or any flight distances requirement that have the capability to reach even the most remote areas

Charter Airlines

What We Do

One Stop Solution for Air Charter flights

Our Company deliver One Stop Solution for every Charter Airlines service. We are dedicated to serve every charter requests including short, medium and long distance flights with end to end service

We bring air charter travel solution for every flight trip. Since the beginning we are focus on customer first and perfect in delivering our service. Air Charter come with the best infrastructure, high flying hours pilot, full of experience ground handling, punctuality. Not to mention every customer will have the privilege to demand according to their requirements that leads to outstanding service with competitive rate.




We are more than happy answer 24/7 for any question or even your special requirement


We’ve partner with the best airlines worldwide, so every flight you used will get the best price and highest standard of service

No Hidden Fees

Our Service always in affordable price according to your flights, and No Hidden Fees

Quick Response

Our front door will always be ready to handle your every special requirement

Aircraft Type

No matter where, when or what you want to deliver. our various aircraft will be ready 24/7

Wide Coverage

Our Flight Coverage is worldwide, including every city may you never heard of before

Best Handling Ground

Not only in the air, our ground handling start from pick up will always in the good shape

Flexibility & Reliability

Everyone of you have all the Privilege to choose of any our wide range charter services

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